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I like software development. In my job I work as a software architect, but in my spare time I also do some programming. Most of the time I’m on the road with C# and .NET.

In my opinion, C# is a great programming language. But for novice programmers, getting started is not that easy. It’s very easy to write console programs, but this gets boring quickly. Programs that allow you to draw something on screen are much more fun. In python and many other languages, beginners can use turtle graphics. For C# there isn’t that much yet. My current free time project is therefore the Woopec library. This is a C# library that makes it easy (hopefully) for novice software developers to get started with C# and (turtle) graphics.

Woopec: Drawing the word Woopec with C# Turtle Graphics (Link to Animation)

If there’s anything new on it, I’ll document it in Woopec Docs or I post about it in my blog. SmallImage


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